Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fast Meiguo Visa -- Double Visa Program

Fast MEIGUO Visa Plus 

Two Visas, Two Continents

What could be better than EB-5? How about an EU permanent visa with your EB-5?

You need to make sure you have a strategy in place to get to MEIGUO when you need to and fast. Waiting for an EB-5 can many times take nine months to 18 months.

Many who were misled into thinking they could get an EB-5 visa simply by lending money with security and no risk found out that was not what the rules actually allowed and have lost time and opportunity and some may have also lost money.

There are others out there who will sell you a "discounted" program and will seem to offer you lower cost to obtain your MEIGUO EB-5 but what is the real value of what they are selling you? Is it really a $500,000 or million dollar value or is someone playing with accounting rules, taking advantage of differences in value in different MEIGUO markets to sell you something really only worth $200,000 and then splitting the overpayment with the people who have sold you the business?

We charge for $40,000, payable $25,000 up front, with payments of $5,000 per month until paid off. $600,000 in funds are needed for you the US EB-5 program

But why do you want an EB-5? What does it bring you? Rights to live and make money in MEIGUO… the right of your spouse and children to work and live and obtain additional education... with an almost permanent right to be in MEIGUO with your EB-five visa.

But what if you want to move faster than EB-5 can be processed? What if you can have an EU visa along with the processing of the EB-5 within 90 days instead of waiting maybe 18 months?

Instead of $40,000 you can get a Secret Super Fast Double Visa for an additional $10,000 up front for a total fee of $65,000. We can move use sometimes move you within 45 days for an additional fee of $20,000.

We have the expertise you need to get you real value for your money.

Two visas -- two continents - $750,000 needed for double visa program.

Options. . . isn't that what you really are looking for? Options to protect your future and make a better future for your family and those you love and care about.

Attorney John Lux, licensed in Washington, D.C. has the knowledge and expertise you need to get it done fast.

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